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All reviewed games are rated based on four important aspects: Gameplay, Graphics, Optimization and Idea.
The games have their own different rating and vary from one game to another. None of the ratings is passed or not rated.
To review a game, it has to qualify its basic graphics, mechanics, popularity and other stuff.
Indie games get a higher rating than originally, because we tend to apprechiate original ideas.
Even though a game is greatly anticipated by the public, it doesn't mean that it will have maximum rating.
Readers can argue and specify as much as they want the rating, but it won't help changing it.
Another Game's reviewers are not getting payed to review a specific game and even so, it doesn't mean it will score great.
Let's start with the explanation.

Rating menu



Easy or difficult to understand

New or unique gameplay

Worse than its predecessor?

Easy to implement?

How the public and gamers reacted


Secrets to find and submissions

Games goes on even after completing it


DirectX and OpenGL version

Graphical bugs

Graphics optimization (Console ports)

Unique graphic styles

The same graphics as its predecessor?

Year when the graphics are used

Comparison with other games

Do you need a high end graphics card?

Textures, models, lightning





Lot's of stuff or just mini levels?

How many people are needed to create this kind of game?

Difficulty in making the game

Alpha, Beta or a released game

Programming language used






Brutal, blood and gore?

Gives a good message?

Has to do with ancient times, present or future?

Real or fiction

Worse than its predecessor?

Is the idea stolen from another game?

Gameplay changes greatly from one game to another, but we will mostly base our ideas on how much fun the game transmits. Graphics implemented in a game, vary greatly from other games. We will try to give the exact merit of graphics used in a game. When you play a game, you might die because of bad mechanics, or maybe a bad control of the character. Maybe your game crashed after saving or your save file got corrupted. Bugs might really hurt a game's optimization. When the game has a unique idea, it is obvious it will score high on the idea rating. Story, gameplay and uniqueness will make the game win all points.

Note: This list is subject to expand as more games are added and/or more funds are raised.