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Hi! My name is Aleksander Dishnica and I am 23 years old. I am a hobbyist computer programmer. I decided to start with programming after I was introduced to the first computer programming language at university.

I didn't know exactly what programming was and why it was so important for people. There are even companies who pay you thousands of dollars or young boys who become millionaires just because of programming. It was just a dream for me, since I was young, to create games. When I was 4 years old I was introduced to the first computer which was an old IBM.

Even though at that time in my country computers where extremely rare, I wanted to learn everything related to computers, building up the dreams of lifetime. Unfortunately for me, since the computers were rare at that time, it was seen as a kind of toy from my parents (even nowadays it is partially). When I was young, I showed immediate skills regarding to computer interface (I am talking about Windows 3.1).

Without knowing to read in my own language, imagine in english, I entered in Windows using MS-Dos, process which nowadays is executed automatically. At a very young age, I wanted to read books about computers to learn more, but they were all in english. I asked my parents to buy me a computer since I was at 2nd year elementary school, but as you might imagine, my parents thought of it as a toy, so they bought me a nintendo 9999. I played with it and it was really fun. After some years I asked them to buy me a computer, but again as you can imagine, it was still a toy, so at 5th grade they bought me a PlayStation 1. My friends were extremely enthusiast about this console,but I was not even happy at all. Finally, its coming the era of the computer after 2 years. When I was in 7th grade,my mother found a computer course for my sister, not for me. I asked my mother to go to this course and learn.

She agreed with laugh and decided to send me in this course where 3rd year university guys learned Word and Excel. When I went to the course, I was introduced to the famous "solitaire" game, but that really irritated me, so I decided to move on with Word and Excel, what the teacher was talking about. She went on giving the lecture and I was doing in real-time what she was explaining. The guys and the teacher turned to me and they were absolutely amazed (Even though I was thinking they were complete fools). She asked me to go on and make things myself. So i started making things in there, but to say the truth I never ever used Word nor Excel before that day. She immediately called my mother and told her she had a genius of a son. I understand that at that time the computer was like an engineering machine.

Even though my parents, still where not ok for the idea to buy a computer, since school was more important than "games", the teacher and all the guys in there insisted so much for me to have a computer. My parents bought a used computer, but they were more afraid of the crashes, because at that time, you had to pay a hefty fine to repair your computer and carry it in the streets to the workshop. In fact the computer crashed in the first 3 months and all the fault was on me. After making the 3rd crash, when I was at 1st year of high school, I decided to repair it myself and I repaired it, learning in the same time how to format computers. This was really great at that time in my country, because none knew how to make these things. It was great for me because I won a great freedom when talking about my parents to go to the workshop and repair it.

Even though I learned how to format the computer, they still wanted me to go to english course and learn english and not about computers. They tried to keep me safe, from my dreams. When I still think about that times, I feel so bad, really. During the 1st year in high school I was introduced to pascal, which was a tickle in my mind about programming. Most starters don't know how important programming is, just like I thought when I was in 1st year high school. When I was at 3rd year high school, the internet was the next big thing, but still very few people knew about it. I learned that I could download everything from the internet so I wanted to have it. It was extremely pricy at that time, so there was no way I could ask my parents. A friend of mine, knew how to connect the internet from the phone, so I asked him to connect to the internet. Since the first connection I downloaded blood-shed C++ which I didnt even know what that was (apparently I must have searched for programming language download).

Even though the connection crashed and I couldn`t connect anymore, the bloodshed program was downloaded. The phone bill came with a 27$ (nowadays dollar) which was very high because my parents were going to shut other doors if they knew I used the internet. But since they didn`t know what the internet was and even the receptionist, they payed without have any suspicion. I made my first program!!! Actually, it was just translation from english, to albanian. One day I tried to call a variable, which had the value of 3.14 (pi) but it didn`t show up. I saw the help file and there was a math section. I read some things in there and included the math file, used the math function and it worked! It was so big for me to do that. This happened when I was in 4th year of high school.

After that I tried to open the computer case and started to learn more about computer hardware. This was a big step for me. The last really big step, was in 2nd year university, where I was introduced to computer programming class. Even though I didn`t understand anything at all, I started learning by myself during summer. I created my first game text-based and felt really dump compared to others who created great things when they were 20. I did a text-based game which was more of a shame, rather than a win. After a month, I created the first 2D game, without even knowing the basic concepts of programming. I left computer programming to this extense, as there is no future for it in my country, as I don't even know anyone in my country who learns C++ and there is no job at all. Even my teacher didn't help me at all, so he throwed me away the chance to learn 3D terrains.

Being deeply offended since this was more of a personal act, rather than a professional one, I decided to learn 3D myself, creating a terrain generator in 3 months. Since than, I didn`t learn anything, because I was busy with other things and I was reading web development books. This was my adventure when it comes to game programming and I really feel bad reading it, because after so many years, I just created a 2D game. I decided to move on with other things, but the dream is still there. I don't want this to happen anymore, to anybody, so I decided to give all the knowledge in a book.

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