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Privacy Policy

What is collected from your personal information?
Only e-mail is collected and it will never be used for ads or other profits.
Your password is totally encrypted and it is totally secure.

How will the information be used?
The information will be used for you to login in and have a secure access all the time.
In comments we will only show your nickname and your profile photo.

Will the information will be shared to third party companies?
The information and personal identificaitons, will never be shared to third party companies.
We will only e-mail users when we have changes in servers.

How to permanently delete my account or modify it?
You can permanently delete your account as soon as you contact the administrator through the contact form.
You can also change your password or photo in your control panel. Any other information should be asked to the administrator.

How can I deal with a user?
There is no interactions with other users, but just in case, contacting the admin is your best choice.