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Frequently asked questions is reknown as FAQ. I made a list of questions so you understand better me and my intentions.

Q) Why did you create a website?

A) I created a website so the knowledge I have about games is distributed to the people which have a same or nearly the same dream as I had when I was young.

Q) Did you have any problems making it?

A) Apart the cost of the website, I had trouble in editing the book and not only. The editor was very busy, I had tests at school and what is worse the credit card to buy the website was activated after 20 days since I made the request, even though I was told it would open in 5 days at max.

Q) Did the website take longer to program than making the book?

A) Yes. I made everything, only the social network design is taken as a copy paste from the internet. The book took 7 days to reach the final state, even though it was originally made for 100 pages.

Q) Why didn`t you add a pdf file so people could download it?

A) This was the original idea. Even though, I was strongly suggested by people over the internet and my friends to make it as a wiki and not to share a pdf file. The book has its own cover, which I have changed a lot since I began the book.

Q) Did the website really take so much from August to be build?

A) Actually not. In August I started writing the book. I finished it before September and send it to the editor. I was very busy with tests at school so I didn`t have time to build anything. I started making the website in late September and went to make the credit card. Since I was lazy to program the website, it took more because of the late date of the credit card.

Q) Why Allegro 5, why C++?

A) Allegro 5 was the first gaming library I have used to create my first game. Normally, there are video tutorials and documentation about that. Since these were not enough to make me go on with Allegro, I decided to make a book and share it. The book had to be absolutely free since I didn`t find any other related books for Allegro 5. C++ because AAA games are created using this language. I call it the "Titans" language.

Q) Will you create a game for us?

A) Of course! But I have been very busy so I decided to push the day I am going to make the game. It has to be special and unique.

Q) What happened to college?

A) I didn`t succeed and this doesn`t interfere with my ideas.

Q) What is your preferred subject?

A) Is that a question? COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. Unless you mean other than that, I like relative physics and math algebra.

Q) Where you good at college? Did you succeed in anything?

A) No, I wasn`t in any subject. I think that school is a game with others rules. I don`t know what are the others rule, unless I know them personally. Where I live you have to pay teachers to pass the test which is a very dishonoring thing. I have never heard such a thing in any of the nearby countries.

Q) Did the college made a bad impact on your ideas for computers?

A) Absolutely not. It made me learn even more for computers. Enough with college please.

Q) What is your favorite game?

A) Tomb Raider: The last revelation

Q) What is your objective and why do you learn for computers?

A) My objective is normally a 3D game like Tomb Raider. It should take a lot of years, but I believe I will reach my dream.

Q) Do you believe what others say about you? Good and bad things?

A) Actually, if I was hearing what others say, I wouldn`t be here. Their impact is good or bad in my feelings, but not with the knowledge. It impacts my learning somehow though. When I feel bad, I read books, when I feel good, I start practicing and learning from videos.

Q) What is your religion?

A) I don`t have a religion. I just believe in god. Some would say this is called atheism, but they are wrong.

Q) What is your preferred color?

A) Cyan. This is why the website is build partially with that color.

Q) Did you steal the idea of the website?

A) The website is totally unique. I never seen any website like this one.

Q) Why doesn`t the website have a search engine?! That is very important!

A) I didn`t add a search engine because it was like cheating. You cannot start the book because you want to learn a single concept. I recommend reading it from the start and moving on. You cannot be successful in programming games if you don`t reread what you learned before. As for starters, I would not recommend reading the book if you don`t know C++. At least 1 month start learning C++ programming language.

Q) Do you think that people will read your book?

A) I think that, only those who have a dream to create games will read it. I am sure those who want to earn money or use it for personal purposes will not even start reading it.

Q) Who would you like to thank for the help they gave with the Allegro 5 programming?

A) I would like to thank the forum guys who helped me. Even though some didn`t, I am very happy with what I could gather. Also, Mike Geig videos where extremely important.

Q) Are you competent with what you wrote in the book? Will the programs work?

A) I am 100% sure all the programs will work. They were all tested in Windows 7. I don`t know what problems could come up with other OS.

Q) Do you smoke or take any kind of drugs?

A) I have stopped smoking a year ago. I am terribly against smoking or any kind of drugs. It was very difficult for me to stop smoking and I cannot even imagine how many people suffer from it. I smoked drugs only for 2 days. It was experimental but it was really disgusting. I really feel bad for what I did and I don`t want to hear these words again. I have stopped drinking coffee or chemical tea.

Q) How many people helped with the making of the book?

A) The editor, the guy who gave vectors information and some people on forum. They all gave a great help, no matter what you might think of.

Q) Who would you like to be successful as?

A) Actually, I just like to make programs and games. I don`t like to show in public and become successful.

Q) You added your own photo and your own life. Why did you do that?

A) I added these things to give the website a more serious step, not just a commercial way to carry on with unknown people running it.