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The chapters:

1) Installing Allegro
2) Creating your first program
3) Using text, fonts and images
4) Adding images
5) Creating geometrical objects
6) Advanced objects
7) Project window manipulation
8) Keyboard input
9) Mouse input

Why Allegro 5?

A lot of questions have been around about this gaming library and I am going to put it simple:
It is Cross Platform which means every program you make, all work for your computer, no matter what Operating System you have. It is free and open source which are the most important things I guess. As I have Windows 7 installed, all programs are tested in this OS. Another thing about Allegro is that after making the game, you will understand that resources used to make the game are way less than you might think of. I have tested a game I have made and it used 25% of total CPU usage in a Pentium II laptop. Allegro 5 is the latest of the generation and as I am talking, I have installed version 5.0.7 which is normally the best choice for those who start for the first time. There are other reasons why you should go with it, but you will understand them through the reading of the book.

Download Chapter 5 and 7 exercises with all source code and executable!

Who is this book for?

I assume you have basic understanding of C\C++ programming languages. Though it is not exactly necessary, but you will waste your time if you don`t go back and start learning programming languages before starting this book. The level of this book is for real beginners at game programming and you don`t have to know math or physics at all!
The truth is that the more knowledge you have, the better you will understand this book, but don`t be afraid as I am going to help you in each step and nothing will stop you from learning everything!
Beware though that this book is not how to create games, but more as a starter of how to creating objects of games and how things work. You have to learn these before you create a fully operational game. Let`s start the journey with the installation of Allegro 5.

A word from the author

Hi! My name is Aleksander Dishnica and I created this book in order to help people starting with Allegro 5 game development. This book will not only help beginners, but also the advanced programmers who cannot remember all stuff it has. The book is made with one thing in mind:
“To possess the power of gaming”
Yes indeed. This means that because you love gaming, you will achieve what you want as soon as you learn small things in your life. You have to believe in what you are doing through your journey, because it is not going to work! I myself was offended millions of times for playing games, creating simple games and now the book, which was a real blow. Sometimes you learn better through teaching others and we are going to learn a lot through this book.

I would like to thank Jacob Harris, for the amazing editing of the chapters 2-8 and Wala – Neh Labala for the explanation of vectors. This book wouldn`t be possible without the help of the allegro forums found at
You can start signing up there, but before asking any questions, read the book first. There is all you will need to know, if you just started programming with C++ and with the Allegro 5 gaming library framework.
During the making of this book, I thought about the difficulties you would have, so there is nothing wrong in asking in forums or in whatever occasion you might think of.
It will be a great journey ahead and you will enjoy it. So you have to think of it as your real dream, do not stop until you start making your own programs or games!
I would recommend the allegro wiki which can be found in this link.
There is a need of some programs before you begin. You can download the latest MingW next to "Looking for the latest version?"

Here is the bio of those who helped in the makings:

Jacob Harris was born in Columbus, Kansas in July of 1985. Jacob lives with his wife and two young kids in Joplin, Missouri. Working as an IT analyst and database administrator, he enjoys hobbies such as a software and web programmer, writing, and occasionally running marathons when time permits. While stationed with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) between January 2007 and July 2012, Jacob received his Computer Science degree from Aviation Electronic Schools of America. As time grew on, being with family in Missouri became a priority over his military and government career. Deciding to settle down near his hometown of Columbus Kansas, he soon found there was no better place to be than at home with his family.

Wala-Neh Labala has a minor in computer scienceand a masters in social work. He works as a social worker.
His hobbies include, programming, webdesign, sports, eating healthy and praising God.
If you are a Dev-C++ user, even though others might say it is very old to work with, I am offering hosting to the dev package on this website, because a lot of
users cannot download it from its original site, only because the hosting provided is unreliable.

You can download the dev package for Dev-C++ here

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Dr.Brain on 2018-03-31

I am working on code blocks and I want to hide that console window that appears in the back on program.

please tell me if you know anything on the matter.

GSquadron on 2018-04-22

Check this post on allegro forums here

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