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Real Boxing

If you love boxing and a little bit of strategy, this game might be for you. Of course there are downsides to a game like this, such as a very short game with K.

Tropico 5

Since the first Tropico game, it has evolved quite a lot and the graphics have become amazing. The gameplay is exactly the same, but with some additional stuff.


Violent video games help kids grow up

Latest studies about video games show that the more violent they are, the more intellectual the kids will become when they grow up playing these games.

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The phantom blade

In Assassin's Creed Unity we have a reinvented hidden blade that is reknown to be a little different from the previous games.

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EA has released a new FIFA 15 gameplay trailer foc

Fifa 15 will be released September 15  and it is reknown to be a new great hit for the game.

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Grid Autosport not altered for progression boostin

First, let's explain what is the Boost Pack.

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Benefits of playing video games

According to some universities and institutions around the world (University of Utah, Harvard and Oxford) playing video games is good for you.

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Top 5 reasons why you should not buy ported games

A lot of upcoming titles are trying to make their way into the PC market.

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Top 10 strategy games of all times

We all have our preferred games, but everybody needs to know which are the greatest strategy games of all times.

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5 reasons why not to buy a high end GPU

There might be a lot of different reasons why someone would want a high end graphic card, but here are top reasons.

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