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Latest game reviews

Real Boxing

If you love boxing and a little bit of strategy, this game might be for you. Of course there are downsides to a game like this, such as a very short game with K.

Tropico 5

Since the first Tropico game, it has evolved quite a lot and the graphics have become amazing. The gameplay is exactly the same, but with some additional stuff.


Ryzen 2

Ryzen 2 is way more powerful than the previous Ryzen we saw earlier in 2017.

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Raven Ridge Upcoming APU

So far we have seen Ryzen coming to power, but what if we saw an APU with Zen cores? So far from latest news, Raven Ridge was 50% faster with single core benchmark and 90% faster in multicores benchmarks.

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Ryzen 3 best budget gaming CPU

If you want to buy a new CPU, Ryzen 3 is the one that budget gamers should point at.

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GPU prices spike!

So lately we have heard this news about GPU prices going higher than ever.

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The Advancement Of Internet Gaming

Most gamers tend to focus on a few fairly specific avenues of gaming when looking for news and developments.

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Why the next gen consoles failed?

We clearly did not see a hype as big as the old days.

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Best gaming 3D models

We will discuss about the most famous and at the same time most interesting 3D game models.

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Addictive games

There are amazing games which never had the same success as other ones.

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