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Latest game reviews

Real Boxing

If you love boxing and a little bit of strategy, this game might be for you. Of course there are downsides to a game like this, such as a very short game with K.

Tropico 5

Since the first Tropico game, it has evolved quite a lot and the graphics have become amazing. The gameplay is exactly the same, but with some additional stuff.


Middle Earth: Shadow of war coming soon

There is a new sequel of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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GTX 1080 Ti and 1070 Ti rumors might be true

So far we have seen what a beast of a card is 1070 and 1080, but who knew that there were the Ti versions to come out.

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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition selling for $5

Sleeping Dogs is one of the greatest games released in 2012.

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Nier Automata saved Platinum Games

While this might sound interesting, and I know much of you guys have already played the amazing game, it literally saved Platinum from being closed and it was maybe its last shot to save the company.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Infinite Damage Loop

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has an infinite damage loop in the game.

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AMD Vega can run in CrossFire

While AMD Vega cards are rare to find nowadays, you can make them crossfire if you update the latest drivers.

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GT 1030 cheapest GPU in current gen

GT 1030 is the cheapest graphic card you can get right now in the market.

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Final Fantasy VII to run on Unreal Engine 4

One of the most anticipated games, the remake of Final Fantasy VII, is confirmed to run on Unreal Engine VII.

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